Raduga Grez Tea Set

Raduga Grez | Wooden Tea Set Earth

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 This gorgeous tea set from Raduga-Grez is visually beautiful.

When children role play they develop consistent thinking, social and communication skills, helps to grow and develop. And mastering the concept of “make-believe” is generally a giant leap in development, because it teaches a child to fantasise and think in metaphors. For all this, both girls and boys need simple role-playing games.

The set includes:  a kettle, a sugar bowl, two sugar bottles, two cups, two saucers and two spoons, a cotton pouch for storage. The bag, by the way, teaches cleanliness and tidiness - after the game, ask the child to carefully fold all the parts into it.

    • Made by hand from natural linden wood, so actual colours may vary a little from pictures
    • Eco-friendly production
    • Suitable for role models for adults, role-playing plot games
  • Care: Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp textile to wipe them
Made in Russia