Raduga Grez | Stacking Tower | Star Natural

Raduga Grez | Stacking Tower | Star Natural

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Pyramid Star in natural colour - a great tool for studying the size. The child can stick disks, focusing only on the size, and not just remembering the colour. It is very powerful, but at the same time, mild stimulation of brain activity.

You can string the discs on a rope or ribbon, cut them in pencil on paper, build them, lay them out in size - there are many games!

Natural toys teach attentiveness to nature - look at each disc and notice the child on the beautiful natural pattern on it. Tell that no one has the exact same toy, because every tree is as unique as a person’s fingerprints. Start a conversation about ecology, reasonable consumption, respect for things.

But you need to not only admire it, you need to play it! Here are just a few ideas for games:

    • Ask your child to build a pyramid from a larger disk to a smaller one. And then the opposite

    • Collect a picture on a flat surface - for example, a flower or an unusual tower

    • Spread wooden beads into the holes in the discs.

  • Circle the disks with a simple pencil on paper, and then paint the drawings.
Benefits of playing with stackers:
    • Develops fine motor skills

    • Teaches colours

    • Visual and Spatial Perception

    • Balance, trunk control and gross motor

    • Crossing Midline

  • Develops Language concepts
Made from natural solid wood by hand

Nurtures love of natureProduced in Russia. With great love