Raduga Grez | Wooden Heart Stacker

Raduga Grez | Wooden Heart Stacker

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Pyramid Heart symbolizes mother's love. It reveals natural talents in children, teaches to focus on one business and is generally indispensable! In six months, she develops motor skills. By the year helps to study colours, shapes and sizes.

After a year, the kid connects imaginative thinking - what if using discs as a building material? And if you insert it into the holes of Rainbow Dwarfs - what does it look like? Maybe the Gnomes sailed somewhere on the fabulous heart-shaped boats ... Here, both creativity and imagination are involved.

You can also use heart disks as a stencil when drawing, string them on a ribbon or a string, try to put them on top of each other, sort them by size with eyes closed ... In general, the toy is simple in appearance, and the potential for developing a child is inexhaustible. .

Chips toys:

  • Made in Russia by hand

  • Made of natural linden

  • Ethical production

  • Covered with safe water-based paint.

  • Very nice colours

  • Size 12 × 12 cm