Raduga  Grez | Arch Stacker | Sunset

Raduga Grez | Arch Stacker | Sunset

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Cute and very useful toy for creative children with a bright future.

Arcs develop imagination, spatial and figurative thinking. Dougie is an open-type toy, it does not offer sample games, but teaches the child to invent and create himself, which is very useful later in school and in life.

What can you do with them?

    • Build a bridge,  a cottage or a cradle for a doll.

    • Put on each other and build a tower

    • Seek balance

    • Spread out on a plane and make up different shapes - a fabulous fish, elephant, tiger or palm tree

    • Learn to count, more-less concepts, deepen the study of colour

  • Dream and invent calm fairy tales with your child, which is ideal for bedtime rituals
This arch will be interesting from 6 months to 6-7 years for sure.

We make arches from a linden tree - it is not heavy at all, but, unlike hollow plastic, it has a pleasant, correct weight. With the help of careful polishing and special safe paints, we achieve the preservation of “velvety” wooden texture. This is cool from the point of view of tact and any structures can be built as they do not slip.

    • Made in Russia from solid linden wood without gluing

    • Covered with natural colors of noble shades

    • The basis of dozens of educational games

    • Convenient size 14 × 7 × 4 cm

    • Decorate a nursery

    • Wonderful gift