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The Sand Arc from Reduga Grez is a meditative toy for focused, useful and educational games.  Right from birth, the baby enters the world where there is so much visual information that even the nervous system of an adult sometimes fails. Everything sparkles, shimmers, around so many unnatural colours - bright, aggressive, supersaturated.

Sand arc is an island of calm and concentration among all this variety.

  • Build baby toy cradle
  • Look for balance by putting arcs on each other
  • Stretch the bridges through the fabric river
  • Build a tunnel for a toy ride or garage for cars
  • Pencil on paper
  • Deepen the study of colour
  • Learn more-less
Looks very nice in children's interiors. Ideal for evening games, because the sand colours are less overloaded.
The toys are not heavy, but, unlike plastic toys, they are not empty inside and are very pleasant to lay in hand. It is easy to build from parts - they do not slip and do not move

Made in Russia from solid linden wood without gluing
    • Decorate a nursery
    • Wonderful gift