Mushkane Smartie Cushion Polle

Muskhane | Smartie Felt Cushion | Pollen

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Borrowing the name from the famous coloured sweets, SMARTIES are little round cushions, perfect for adorning a bed, dressing a chair, covering a stool, or more simply, being placed on the ground. For this season, we’re offering felt tones that are both soft and warm, so that anyone can create a harmony of colours in their interior according to their wishes. You will particularly appreciate its elegant finish, with coloured stitching around the edge, created entirely by hand by our Nepalese artisans.

The +: Thanks to its natural fibre stuffing, kapok, you will enjoy the comfort of the SMARTIES cushion.

Dimensions: 29cm

Materials: 100% Woollen Felt

Designed: France

Made: By love in Nepal